Landscaping Services

  • Design Services

   Our landscape design team can do more than just draw up a landscape design plan for plants and trees; we can create a full master plan for your entire property. Whether we are designing a plan and layout for a water feature, retaining wall, or a stone patio, you can trust that we will work hard to make your dreams a reality. The design process can be complex, so we try to keep it simple.

 First, we listen closely to our clients landscape desires, needs, personal tastes, maintenance preferences, and wishes. You get a questionnaire to fill out, and we'll spend some time "walking and talking" about your landscaping. Then, we complete a landscape assessment of the property where we determine sunlight variances throughout the property, soil health and quality, and any areas with special needs such as areas with erosion. Next, we complete a detailed drawing of a design plan laid out to the fullest detail. And last, we walk you through the design plan to help assure your satisfaction.                                                           

  A simple planting design for a 1/4 acre property could be $250-$500.00, a large scale property design with patios, water features, and other outdoor living amenities could be anywhere from $500 to $3,000 or more, depending on the scale and complexity of the project. The design is yours to keep whether we do the installation or not. You can consult our online plant encyclopedia, or check out the links page for lots of great inspiration!

  • New Installation/Plantings

We install most of our designs, but if you have a great plan, and a wise plant selection, we'll just go ahead and do the planting! We do recommend professional design and quality nursery stock, but you can save some money if you have a simple layout and have made good plant selections. We can get the best prices from our suppliers, deliver your plants, and get it done right, and fast! *

*By making a design plan your first step in the creation or in the remodeling of your landscape, you will save valuable time and money in the long-run. With our floriculture expertise, we can guide you in the proper environmental placement and care of your plants, trees, and shrubbery. From the very start we maximize the healthy establishment of your plants to reduce replacement in the future.

  • Existing Landscape Renovations/Transplanting
Do you have lots of existing flowerbeds, mature or overgrown plants, or an overcrowded and cluttered look to the landscape? We can do an assessment of  your trees, shrubs, and flowers for health, attractive spacing, and appealing design. Then we'll make recommendations to reduce overcrowding, rearrange what can be transplanted, or even re-use your existing concrete paver/edgers! This is a very affordable option, since it doesn't include many new materials.

  • Hardscaping (Paver patios/paths/outdoor living areas)
There are a wide variety of hardscape products available today, and the quality of colored/textured concrete materials has improved dramatically in the past 10-15 years. Whether you want to host large parties, listen to your very own babbling brook, or maybe just turn a corner into your personal retreat, our certified installers can make it happen.  A patio featuring an outdoor kitchen, a winding paver pathway, or just a small water feature can add so much beauty and value to your property, and really expand your living areas.
 With our experience and expertise in the field of construction, our design team can guide you during the design process of your hardscapes, water features, and other permanent structures by introducing you to a variety of building materials that will help you to obtain the outdoor living spaces, hardscape features, and other outdoor constructed areas and features that will fall into your established budget and your long-term maintenance needs. Check out our links page for recommended manufacturers and lots of amazing inspirational projects!

  • Maintenance

We offer a complete list of landscape maintenance services, see the list below. Items with SF (Square foot) or LF (Linear Foot) are quotable using our Instant Online Quote tool. A complete season maintenance schedule with some additional plantings would look something like this

  1. Spring cleanup                         SF .004                           April
  2. Bed Edging                          LF   .15                          March-December
  3. Planting Annuals                                                        April/May
  4. Planting/General                                                        April-October
  5. Mulch Delivery                                                          See Mulch Delivery page
  6. Mulching                             SF   .45                          March-November
  7. Shrub Trimming                                                                      Varies by species
  8. Fall Cleanup                        SF   .025                         October-December
  9. Brush/Land Clearing                                                   Year Round, Winter preferred

  •  Property Maintenance

        Snow Removal                   SF                                   Winter

       Gutter Cleaning                  LF                                   Spring/Fall

       Power Washing                  SF                                    Spring-Summer-Fall

       Junk Removal                                                           Year Round

       Firewood Delivery                                                                        Year Round


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